turned cherry wood bowl

Bamboo Scoops

In the orient one sees all manner of treenware made of bamboo. It is much more of a novelty here in the West.

Nature does most of the work in fashioning the scoops. I just make a band saw cut here and little trim there.

People always ask if they are calibrated. My reply is to load the bamboo scoop and pour the contents into a measuring cup. This gives instantaneous calibration. There is a size for every purpose. No need to get caught up in the rigid boundaries of 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, etc.

One woman came to my table at a show and said: "What is this, bamboo?" I replied that it was and she indicated that she had a Green friend and this would make just the gift for her. So I guess we are entering the age of politically correct treenware.