turned cherry wood bowl

More Hand Crafted Wooden Spoons

This shows some curved handled spoons and a half spoon described on the previous page. I make large spoons and small spoons. Long ago I learned that there is no accounting for taste. Objects that I might be embarrassed to show often sell right away and those of which I am most proud may languish. That experience has taught me to be non-judgmental about my work.

One woman told me that my wooden spoon was her son’s favorite teething tool. Wood has firmness but still has some give to it. The thin edges of the bowl of the spoon were just about right to get into the infant’s mouth but too large to swallow. Over the years many babies have teethed on my spoons.

Wood comes in all colors and textures. Some are harder and some are softer. I just make them and let my clients judge the qualities. Since I cut all my own wood I come across many non-commercial species that are quite lovely and novel for the buyer. It also gives me satisfaction that wood which would have been destined for the dump or the fireplace gets transformed into a useful object which will give many decades of service.

Care of the wooden spoons and spatulas is very simple. Wash with soap and water like you would dishes but don’t put them in the dishwasher. Dry the spoons as you would dishes. Air drying is fine. It is best not to put the wooden spoons in water to soak for long periods. Water makes the wood softer and may cause the fibers to separate.

We keep all our wooden utensils in a canister on the counter where they are handy and look attractive. Recently I have taken to making some turned wooden canisters just for that purpose.

Over time the spoon may look a bit ragged and the color seems to fade. If you just rub some vegetable oil on them you will be amazed at how it restores the color and grain. I prefer sesame oil as it does not become rancid very easily. It colonial days they would have rubbed it with a piece of salt pork. If the end becomes fuzzy you can sand with some fine sandpaper to restore the shape and color.